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Re: [APD] sand

> Subject: Re: [APD] sand

Just a few  comments to various items in this thread.
I agree special substrates are not required to grow plants. Looks to the viewer are very important.
Sand is a particle size, like gravel, cobbles, boulders..... It is usually screened from natural deposits and its composition depends on the local rocks the sand was formed from. I once bought mason sand from a top soil dealer for use in my Carnivorous Plants. They all almost died. It turns out the sand was almost 40% limestone. Death to Venus Fly Traps. The Pine Barrens area of New Jersey is almost pure silica sand with iron. The water there has an extremely acid pH. Very low GH and KH. Beach sand definitely contains broken shells and will raise pH. You could dissolve the shells out with Muriatic Acid outdoors if you really wanted to. Use ventilation!!!! 
Jerry  Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ 		 	   		  
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