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Re: [APD] Sand

Good grief folks, quit arguing and look it up.

Sand is, among other things, a range of particle sizes, just as are gravels
and silt.  The word alone does not define the material of which the
particles are made up.

"Pure silica sand" is silica-based (silicon dioxide. SiO2), and only
fractionally soluble in significantly less than geologic time in water that
is not highly acidic, just as is the glass of tanks of those who still use
glass tanks.

"Sea sand" should be partly silica sand and partly coral or limestone based.
The proportions will vary with the particular source.

"Coral sand" is or should be largely or entirely coral based. It can
contribute to the GH and KH of the water, in part depending on the pH of the

Both of the last two definitions would/should/could affect the TDS of the
water.  The first example should not.


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