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Re: [APD] substrate

Back in the day in Houston a lot of the LFS used blasting grit for  
substrate.  Cheap at 5$ of less for 45-50 lbs.  Inert, relatively  clean, fairly 
natural appearance.  Bet its still used
Pool sand or that which is used in sand filters is usually a good  
subslitute. But a word of caution! some will start to dissolve a bit when in  very 
soft water for an extended period of time.  Here in Milton MA the  water is 
very very soft, Gh and Kh less than 1, and i have a 75 that i put a  blonde 
colored pool sand into. After about 6 months i noticed a bit of  cloudiness, 
usually a couple of days after a WC. I have 5 other tanks with  different 
substrates and this is the only one.
Would recommend a little testing before you go all out and use it in a big  
rich green
milton ma
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