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Re: [APD] looking to get a new tank

Thought i would throw in some thoughts.
Large tanks need space and the weight should be considered when choosing  
where to place the tank.  Eight pounds per gallon and then the stand and  
tank adds up to a bit of load.  
If its to be used as a planted tank, consider how long your arms  are in 
relation to the depth of the tank.  Really deep tanks for smaller  people can 
be a real PITA.
If space is available, choose to leave an area behind the tank to  
construct a simple platform to stand on. This will make the gardening much  easier.  
Three plastic stools and a couple of 2"x8"x6' boards makes an  inexpensive 
one .  Of course if you are 6'6" tall you wont need it.
Lots of people selling tanks these days.  Dont buy one if its  empty.  Make 
the person fill it and then return the next  day.  If they refuse, dont buy 
Most big tank canopies are very heavy.  If you want to have one,  be sure 
you can handle the weight.  Some are made with plastic grating on  top and 
are very light in comparison These are usually custom made. Got  mine from a 
place in Tempe, AZ.
You may find it cheaper if you move to another state, to sell the tank and  
buy a new one when you get there.  Moving a tank requires it be "crated"  
which entails constructing a woodent frame around the tank. It is not  cheap.
have a great Labor Day.
rich green
milton ma
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