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Re: [APD] Looking to get a new tank

> > Folks generally find that the larger conventional rectangular tanks
> > significantly less intensity for good to excellent growth, just as
> > tanks (10 USG) and nano tanks require more intensity.
> >
> > RTR
> This seems counter-intuitive to me. Is there an explanation as to why?

Usually this phenomenon has been attributed to more internal reflection
within the tank and better coupling of light from the light/reflector
into the water. I think also the footprint comes into play -- i.e. there
is a greater internal volume that is lit so the "loss" of light that
leaks out the sides of the tank and lights the stand and walls is less
as a percentage of the total available light. 

I'm not sure if anyone has ever really studied it, but I've always just
attributed it to the lights and reflectors being more efficient getting
light into the water when they are spread over a larger area. Smaller
tanks I find tend to be harder to light evenly.


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