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Re: [APD] Looking to get a new tank

Len, only having < 150 g tanks, I can give only so much info. Sounds like you know what you're doing, but just looking for some lighting advice. Starting with 2.5-4 w/gal should do, or better yet check out these links and contact the authors for some info on their 150g setups. They also give some idea to the lighting they use:


Best of luck!
Jamie <'\\\><

I've been a lonnnnnnng time lurker on this list.  During this time I have
read a lot and learned a tremendous amount.  I've had the same 75 gallon
tank for over 14 years and I'm thinking about getting a 150 gallon bow
front.  I've had CO2 setup and I've been using PMDD for about 12 of the 14
years I've had the tank.  It looks nice but I've never been able to grow
anything more than Swords, Anubis, Java Fern, and other low light plants.
If/when I get this new tank I would like to be able to grow different plants
and most importantly some grass like foreground plants.  I've never really
paid to much attention to my lights and I've always assumed that is why I
can only grow low light plants, but I've never cared.  Now that I'm buying a
new, bigger, deeper tank I'm thinking I need to get the lights right.  What
would be a good light setup for a 150 gallon tank?

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