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[APD] Spam bots

A bot is using his account to spam all the people in his addressbook.
Some of you who are in his book would also get individual mails.
Sometimes just changing the password does the trick.

On Gmail you can use a link at the right lower corner to see all the
IP addresses who accessed your account. If you find strange numbers
that is not your own area then you should change the password.

I had my account password compromised, the thief was watching my
emails for paid account passwords and paid software keys. 
It took me 8 months to figure out that my gmail was hacked!

At 19-08-2011, you wrote:
>On 18/08/2011 19:57, billpers at comcast_net wrote:
>>I don't get any spams from him here.
>>Could it be that he is targeting you for some reason?<g>
>Hi Bill
>He's using individual emails in the TO: field. A number of us in there.
>Stuart Halliday

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