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[APD] Restarting the List?

In the past the list has become more active after a controversial post appears on it. So let me add one. 

The question is, "Are plants required in a tank that is designed for "aquascaping"? Can such a tank contain only rocks, wood, and substrate, artfully arranged, and still be considered "aquascaped"? 

I posted this question at the APC aquascaping forum several months ago and the the consensus seemed to be that they weren't required, but desirable. http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/aquascaping/78148-plants-really-needed.html 

One reply included pictures of a 'scape that consisted of well-arranged rocks. I thought it was quite nice. 

So, what do you think? 

For those who hold that plants are not necessary, my follow-up question would be, "In an aquascape without plants, is water needed?" Clear water adds nothing to the beauty of such a setup except, maybe, ripples at the top in some cases. (One might argue that the "aqua" in "aquascape" stands for water, but it also could stand for "aquarium", which often are used for non-aquatic purposes. 


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