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[APD] foam conversions

Water change, what's that?  I have to top off the tank every week or so, especially in winter, as I don't have a cover on it.  But the only time I really do water changes is if I have to drain it way down to move it over or something...  Just installed the conversion in my Magnum 350 last night.  We'll see how it does for me.  

Now I need to fix that damned JEBO light fixture.  May be a bad ballast, but need new bulbs anyway.  Who has the cheapest 4 pin (straight) 55W CF bulbs these days?

Nick A

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> Thanks Nick. I use Eheim Classic Canisters and so far am happy with the way they work using the original ceramics and foam. I do backwash them each water change.
> Jerry Smith
> Bloomingdale, NJ

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