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Re: [APD] Poret foam conversions

>       I've heard that Vaseline and other petroleum-based substances
> will accelerate the breakdown of rubber gaskets and O-rings, so you
> really want to use something silicone-based instead.  I use the
>  stuff on my Magnum 350 quick-disconnects, but the big O-ring at the
>  of the canister has never needed any lubrication on either of my two
> Magnums.

That very much depends on the compatibility of the materials in
question. Vaseline actually frequently works, but you are correct that
silicone-based lubricants are usually better. Personally I usually don't
worry about it as the O-rings are cheap if they ever need to be
replaced, but if you put a thin (Thin! Just make the O-ring shiny! No
big globs!) coating of silicone grease on the o-rings they'll go in
easier, seal a wee bit better, and generally last longer.

It's also worth noting that some rubber-type seals will hold up better
if you try not to touch them any more than possible. Oil from your skin
reacts in such a way with some of these materials so as to cause them to
harden and crack faster than they otherwise would. 


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