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[APD] Poret foam conversions

The Poret foam conversion replaces the internals on a Magnum 350 canister filter or other type to make maintenance easier while providing good filtration.

From Don Linder on the Anubiasdesign mailing list:


      I've heard that Vaseline and other petroleum-based substances 
will accelerate the breakdown of rubber gaskets and O-rings, so you 
really want to use something silicone-based instead.  I use the Lifegard
 stuff on my Magnum 350 quick-disconnects, but the big O-ring at the top
 of the canister has never needed any lubrication on either of my two 

Here's a link: 

Speaking of Magnum 350s, I absolutely love mine now that they've been modified to run on Poret
 foam.  They run virtually forever with no flow reduction- I have one 
that's in a corner behind a rack of 5.5 gallon tanks, and I have to 
drain and move a tank to even reach it.  It's been running for something
 upwards of 8 months with no maintenance and it's still moving at least 
as much water as a squeaky-clean one running the standard carbon and 
blue floss sleeve setup.  

I posted lots of pics and info on how to make your own here:

I also convert all models of Whisper filters to run on Poret,
 and I'll be posting info on how to do those as soon as I figure out how
 to upload foam-cutting templates that will always print out at the 
right size.  Right now, I only have the Whisper 10i plans online:



Nick A

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> I have not heard of the foam conversion you are going to attempt. May I ask if you'd give an explanation?
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