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Re: [APD] Triops

On 27/12/2010 21:44, Tim wrote:
If memory serves, somebody here was into Triops.

That'd be me. :-)

I recently gifted myself a Triops set for Christmas, but it doesn't look like
anybody hatched (it's been about 5 days). My guess right now is that it's just
too cold for them.

> If I dry this out, is there a decent chance of getting them
> to hatch later when I turn up the temperature and rehydrate?

Yes. Don't forget the 24 hours of light though.
It needs water with very low levels of minerals in it as well as heat (22C optimally) and overhead light to hatch them out.

I use supermarket car battery de-ionized water.

But no need to dry out, just do a large water change and it'll happen.

My site is broken just now. My provider messed it up over Xmas.
Should be up again in a few days.

You could look at it via Wayback machine:

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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