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[APD] OFF TOPIC - Staying safe

On 05/11/2010 15:44, Raj wrote:
This kind of bot infections have become a problems on my numerous
Yahoo groups.

Very true.
Yahoo is currently banned on many email blacklist servers because of the
abuse Spammers make of it. So many posts from people using yahoo email addresses just go into my spam bin at the moment.
But then if people will use free email addresses....oh hum.

Please download and install this software, update and scan. I have
found this to be useful over the last few years. I have no connection
with this company other than being a paid user. There are other
softwares that can fix the problem too.


I've used this before and it's pretty good as is 'SpywareBlaster' for stopping Windows users from getting infected in the first place.
Just google it, it is one word...

Or use Microsoft's free 'Security Essentials' software from its own web site if you run Windows.

But honestly, all you need to do these days is not use Microsoft's Internet Explorer/Outlook/Express software and then not to click on links in emails. :)

(I've been in IT support for many years)

Stuart Halliday

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