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[APD] Mazzei Injector

I asked about Mazzei Injectors http://www.mazzei.net/ here on the list back in October, 2009 or there abouts. I called Mazzei and told them the pump I was using and they gave me the model injector I would need. I have the model 283 made out of PVDF plastic with 1/2 inch male pipe threads. 
Well, I was setting up a 150 gallon planted low maintenance tank for my boss in his office along with the NJ Aquatic Gardener's Club. This tank was used and had two drilled holes in the bottom with a corner overflow. I decided to use the Mazzei Injector in a loop system sucking out of the flooded overflow and pumping through the Mazzei with a Mag 7 pump back into the tank on the side opposite the overflow.
I have a pH probe installed just upstream from the Mazzei Injector connected to a pH controller set at a pH of around 6.7 or so. I leave the CO2 on 24 hours per day using a drop checker to verify the pH controller. I am using 30 ppm Sumo Drop Checker solutions http://www.sumoregulator.com/ because they compensate for the natural CO2 found dissolved in DI water and have the indicator in them already.
The Mazzei really works great. I don't see any bubbles of CO2 coming out of my vertical glass sparger tube. The Mazzei actually pulls a vacuum on the CO2 regulator. I set up a vacuum gauge and got around a 9 psi vacuum! with the Injector. When I open up the bubble counter to add water the Mazzei sucks air and a huge stream of bubbles comes out of the sparger tube until I close the system back up.
Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ 		 	   		  
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