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[APD] Anubias and water changes

I do know that after I began dosing a capful of Excel every day or so in my 55, the A. nana started growing much faster for me.  Very hard NM desert water, pH around 8.0, very few water changes, I usually just top off, as the open top fosters evaporation.  I think it's more than doubled in size in the last few months, as much growth as the previous 5 years I've had that plant.  Rhizome right above the soil, anchored by roots only, etc.

Nick A

> I'd keep track of your Anubias before and after doing a large water
> change, or changing your dosing, and see if you can detect and changes
> in growth patterns that result from those water chemistry changes. If
> you see anything happen let the list know.
>   -Bill

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