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Re: [APD] anubias melt vs cryp melt

>>suspect this "melting" issue is similar to "Crypt rot", which many
have attributed to a rapid and drastic change in the nitrate level in a
tank. While I'm not entirely certain this would be a nitrate issue, it
is most likely caused by a rapid change in water chemistry, such as
occurs after doing a large water change or possibly making a significant
change in dosing regimen.<<

Cryp melted is usually limited only to the leaves, leaving the rhizome intact which grows back new leaves in 4 or 5 weeks, when an Anubias rhizome melts its usually because it has become anaerobic and rots. The substrate may be anaerobic, or the plant is sitting in a pile of decaying crap, or the water is anaerobic.

Robert Paul Hudson

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