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[APD] Water lilies indoors

Not 100% sure on nymphoides, but I have grown several water lilies indoors in aquariums.  Substrate used is about a 2" layer of kitty litter or aquatic plant soil mixed with peat moss and sand, with a top layer of mostly sand and small gravel.  I have had one tropical lily, I believe it was a Director George T Moore, in a 20H tank on the kitchen counter with a CF 20W bulb in a clamp-light hanging above the open top which bloomed and grew well as long as I kept fertilizing it.  These lilies may need additional fertilizer, even in Walstad-type tanks because they are such heavy feeders.  I tore this tank down after neglecting it for a long time and set it out on the front porch, where it gets several hours of direct sun, and this water lily is still growing and even blooming some.

I threw a couple of small banan plant-looking plantlets in my 55 this year.  I found them when I repotted water lilies iin my outdoor temporary pond.  They have started to send leaves to the surface once I added duckweed to the tank to help control algae.  Not sure what they are, but I do plan to shove some fert tabs or sticks right under them to help them out and see what they do.  That tank has a JEBO fixture with two 55W flo running 8 hrs/day with a bit of ambient light from the front door side light about 6 feet away.

Nick A

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> Subject: [APD] Nymphoides question
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> I haven't had a tank for a couple years, but I kind of have a strange idea.  I was always interested in Nymphoides, but they are considered very high light and relatively shallow water( recommended 6 inches or less) except for the species generally referred to as the "banana plant" which I have kept successfully in soft water with low light planted at the bottom of a 29gallon "tall" tank.  They are therefore usually recommended for outdoor ponds.
> I have a couple of Cheese ball tubs, or jars, or whatever you want to call them, one is two gallons, and the other three.  I also have been gearing up the light levels in my living room to handle a split-leaf Monstera.  I think I can probably get several of the other Nymphoides to grow if I put a little peat and gravel in the bottom of one of these, and set it out in my very brightly lit parlor.  Add a couple of endlers or platys and you have a complete aquarium.
> Anybody have experience with these plants indoors? 
> Bob Dixon

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