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Re: [APD] Stuart's low light tank

On 25/09/2010 18:12, Bill wrote:
Stuart said, "I've a 150L planted tank with a single 10W household
halogen bulb on it?
Does that count as low? :-)"

I would think that it is sufficiently dim to be called that.

But what is its PAR? It's Lux?

Who can say.
Household bulbs don't tend to have that written on them.

What plants grow in that tank?

Do they seem happy? <g>

I've got some crypts, java fern and a Mag. Lace plant.

Sure they're slow growers. But are they happy Hmm?

I add some liquid carbon daily, no added CO2 or fertilisers as it's a Walstad tank.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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