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Re: [APD] catching cherry shrimp

The reef guys use "shrimp traps", which are basically plastic tubes with special ends. As I recall, the traps are cheap and effective so they might be worth a try in your application.

If you just want to use a regular net, I'd try putting the net in the tank and let it sit for a while (ideally with some of whatever you see the shrimp eating elsewhere in the tank in the net). Once the shrimp get used to the net you should be able to just "catch" one that goes into the net on it's own. The "a while" I mention is probably a significant fraction of an hour.


>I have cherry shrimp in a heavily planted >tank, they've been  reproducing 
>and I want to establish a satellite colony in >a planted 5 gallon  tank, but 
>they are very hard to catch. If I put a net in >the tank, is there  anything 
>that might attract them into the net?
>Gerry Skau
>All The World's A Stage, But The Play Is >Badly  Cast---Oscar Wilde

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