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Re: [APD] madagascar lace plant

On 5/15/2010 14:25, REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote:
My well water is pH 7.8.  Is that higher than yours?  Can you  tell me what
your substrate is?
Carol<  ' )))><


I just tested my tap water straight from the well:

PH = >= 8.0
KH = 214.8 ppm
GH = 984.5 ppm

I can provide the lab results when we had our well tested, if I can find it.

For substrate, look at this photo:

The gravel is a mix of very small (< 1mm) to large (5mm to 10mm).
Some of the gravel, I picked up off the ground. The local ant population brings up small sized grains as they build their nests. I scoop it up, clean it, and drop it into the tank. I do this because the other plants roots cling to the larger grains and gets removed from the tank when I thin out the plants. It looks just like the fine grain stuff you can buy at the store.

When I clean my tank, I use a siphon and just remove the top layer of detritus. I try to stay away from roots.

I dose the water with Flourish (Seachem) between water changes.
The only other thing I do is remove leaves when they start to wither and turn brown.

For lighting, I use two 48" fluorescent bulbs, about 10 hr/day.

If algae gets on the leaves, it will kill them. As soon as the algae starts to take over, I do a 50% water change and that keeps it in check.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY
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