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Re: [APD] Tetratec PF150

On 11 May 2010 22:30,  <Caddy579 at aol_com> wrote:
> I have one of those TetraTec PF 150 filters-the ones with the heater that
> sits in the input water stream of the filter so the heater isn't in  the
> tank. A couple of days ago it stopped working, the pump seems to be  running
> but the impeller rattles and wobbles in the pump chamber and doesn't get  up
> enough steam to drive the water through the filter. The impeller does rotate
> cleanly on the stem that runs through it, it's not stuck or anything.
> Would anyone have any idea on why this suddenly happened?... and

My cheap pump rattled annoyingly until I glued the impeller to its
rotor magnet - previously there had been some play between them. If
you're lucky then you have a variation on this problem.

Otherwise, I would suspect the windings.

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