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[APD] Tetratec PF150

I have one of those TetraTec PF 150 filters-the ones with the heater that  
sits in the input water stream of the filter so the heater isn't in  the 
tank. A couple of days ago it stopped working, the pump seems to be  running 
but the impeller rattles and wobbles in the pump chamber and doesn't get  up 
enough steam to drive the water through the filter. The impeller does rotate  
cleanly on the stem that runs through it, it's not stuck or anything. 
Would anyone have any idea on why this suddenly happened?... and
If I can't get this working does anyone else make this kind of setup, with  
the heater in the pump input stream?
Tetra is pretty aggravating as this is the second filter model I've used  
that they suddenly discontinued, they stopped making the cartridges for the 
WDF  3000 as well, I'm guessing after Pfizer sold them after taking over 
Warner  Lambert. It's frustrating to have to suddenly do filter changes on 
filters  that work but no one makes the parts for them anymore.

Gerry Skau
All The World's A Stage, But The Play Is Badly  Cast---Oscar Wilde
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