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Re: [APD] Madagascar Lace plant root

I believe Harry Martin wrote this email section below:
I was cleaning my tank today and decided to poke around the root of my Madagascar Lace plant. I was suprised to find the bulb has gotten quite large and the roots around it so dense.

It looks like it has gotten to be about 5" long and about 3" wide.
The last time I saw it, planting it after a move, it was about the size of my thumb.

Does anybody know how big these things actually get?

Leaves get about a foot long, almost 2 feet high.

Don't let it flower.

It will then need resting once a year as it doesn't live constantly underwater in the wild.

We're suppose to remove it from the water, wrap it in soggy cloth and keep it dark at ~60F for 2 months.

for details.

Plenty of links on that page too. :-)

Stuart Halliday
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