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Re: [APD] Using Excel

Nick, you mentioned using a capful a day.  What size tank is it?   I have a 
little 21/2 g that has BGA and I would like to try Excel in it after I  
remove the fish (dario darios and pygmy cories).  I would need to know the  
dosage for the 2 1/2 which actually is only 1 1/2 by the time I figure in the  
gravel, small rocks, and wood.  Never had BGA in the 50 + years that I have  
kept fish (so I never had to combat it) except in the sixties.  My  
classroom 10 gallon got it one year, but it was time to dismantle the tank for  the 
summer anyway, (I gave the fish to various students), so the only thing  I 
had to do was bleach the tank and store it until the following  school year. 
 No more problems.
Carol   < ' )))><
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