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Re: [APD] APD] Water Heaters

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> I just noticed that my submersible 200W heater is not keeping a stable
> water temperature. Sure enough, water got inside and mucked up the
> electronics.

If it wasn't a very old unit (years and years), then it probably had a defective seal and was just a lemon. 

> I have installed two new Marine Land 100W heaters, but I think this time
> I will not submerse them in hopes that water will not leak into the
> elements over time. Seems like water always manages to find a way in.
> Any advice on how to get the maximum life out of these heaters?

You need to be careful with the submersibles and the water level... Typically the submersible heaters have a mark on them indicating the "minimum water level" and if the water level is too far below that mark the heaters tend to overheat. 

I've typically just put the units in the tank at about a 45º angle or so, and always completely submerged. I've never tried to bury them in the gravel or anything like that. I've never had any failures except those that were my own fault (doing a water change and forgetting to disconnect the heater, then pouring in cold water on the hot glass... Always a bad idea ;-). I've typically been getting around 10+ years out of the Visitherms and little Hagen units (I use their 25 watters in my smallest tanks). I did have one internal failure of a visitherm once where an internal connection between the heating coil and one of the leads from the electronics area became loose and would glow when the unit was on. That unit eventually failed (as expected, so I had a spare ready to go). Aside from that, I've always gotten pretty long life out of the submersible heaters.

I always keep at least one spare heater on hand in every wattage that I use just in case I have an unexpected heater failure at some time. The cost of the spare is cheap insurance just in case.


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