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Re: [APD] CO2 and Algae

On 11 February 2010 12:39, Robert T. Ricketts <rtricketts at verizon_net>
> Thomas Love wrote, in part:
> > Therefore, for the maxim "add more CO2" to be the best advice >for an
> algae
> >sufferer, I think these together are necessary and sufficient
> -
> >1. A well-planted tank;
> >2. The plants having good root systems.
> >3. With a fertile substrate.
> >4. Good lighting.
> >I suspect most people with algae will likely be failing on all >four
> counts,
> >so adding CO2 will not help them.
> >CO2's effect on the pH and phosphorous adsorption may assist >but is
> unlikely
> >to be sufficient alone.

> I beg to differ from the above.

I fail to see that we are at odds. I have implied that carbon in the water
is the limiting factor in establishing a high macrophyte:algae ratio when
the four conditions above are satisfied. The evidence in your last paragraph
supports this idea. From your first paragraph it appears you may have taken
what I said about CO2's auxiliary effect on phosphorous to be a claim that
this was the most important effect. I intended to say exactly the opposite.

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