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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 76, Issue 11

I am not talking about a government agency, but private organizations, such as PETA, ASPCA, etc. They have no legal authority, only financial reserves to sue you and/or pressure local law enforcement into prosecuting you. They cannot come into a person's property for any reason without permission, or they are guilty of trespassing. Out here in the west, they may be shot for it.<<

Actually that is not true. In several states, including in "the west" the humane society or animal control has either partial or full police powers, and may obtain a warrant for search, seizure, and arrest. They often have police with them as a back up. Just because someone has good intentions in their own warped mind is no excuse for incredible cruelty. Most of these types of people are horders and live in conditions that are not even suitable for human life. Every room in the house the floors are caked with feces and urine. The animals are diseased and suffering to an extent that no normal person could tolerate. In other cases the animals are kept in wire cages that barely have enough room for the animal to turn around while the animal is standing in its own feces and the metal wires dig into the animals feet.

There is no excuse for any of that. Not even the little old lady with 100 cats.

Robert Paul Hudson

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