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Re: [APD] Organic Eggs

I believe Bill wrote this email section below:
Stuart posted:

I don't know if organically-farmed animals are better off than those that are given medical care in a controlled environment.

They live longer for one thing.
Organically grown animals have to as they take longer to grow to a profitable size. This is usually due to them being a rarer breed of the species.

Both caged and free range animals get medical care of course. But I believe free range get more as the individual animal has a higher profit margin on it, so it is in the interest of the farmer to make sure it gets it.

We are often told that cattle, pigs and chickens for example are far better cared for in free range farms. In fact the BBC just had a interesting series about it. "Can you Grow it, Kill it, Eat it?".

Free range animals get bigger areas in which they live, more natural environment to play out natural behaviour, food, greater lifespan, etc. Of course I understand that this is in reality mostly just to pacify the consumer. :-)

Stuart Halliday
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