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[APD] CO2 and Algae

Standard advice to people whose aquariuims are plagued with algae is often, "Add more CO2."

That seems to work in many cases.  My question is, Why?

Does CO2 directly kill algae or stop it from multiplying? I think not; as a plant, algae should benefit from CO2.

Does CO2 enable plants to grow faster? Yes. But how does that affect algae?

People say that higher plants can't outcompete algae for nutrients. The higher plants need much more nutrient than does algae; by the time the algae feels the impact of lower nutrients, the macrophytes would be suffering.

Does the growth of the mactophytes reduce the amount of light that the algae gets, thus limiting it that way? That could be, but such growth would also limit the growth of other macrophytes.

Why does increasing CO2 often control algae?

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