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Re: [APD] Organic Eggs, etc.

Jerry posted:

I eat organic stuff where possible, and I don't imagine the nutrition
profile to be any different than conventionally produced food. My only
qualm is the use of various pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and
synthetic hormones. Many of these chemicals are known endocrine disrupters.

That is fine.  You apparently can afford it and it makes you feel better.

I think the issue is how much of that "bad" stuff is present in the conventionally-grown foods
and whether it has an impact on one's health.

Most drinking water contains such poisons as copper, arsenic, and lead. Those chemicals have long been know to be inimical to human health. We still drink it. Why? because there isn't enough of them in the water to matter. I suspect it is the same for products that are grown
in the conventional ways.

It is a question of scale.   And discrimination.


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