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Re: [APD] Organic Eggs

Stuart posted:

I've always thought Organic food was better for the environment and perhaps
better for me to eat.

Veggies seem to be grown for longer, no doubt so they'll get to a decent size.

Organic farming of animals is certainly better for the animal in question
don't you think?

I don't believe that any of those things are necessarily true.

There is no evidence that a person will be healthier if he or she eats organic food.
One can  still get salmonella from eating organic eggs.

There is no evidence that the use of chemicals today damages the environment, although things like DDT certainly did in the past. I doubt that using some of the same nutrients on crops that I use in my aquariums is going to do any damage. The US midwestern "bread basket" has been farmed intensively for generations, and it is not exactly a
Superfund site.

The organic veggies that I see in the market often are expensive, small, misshapen things.

I don't know if organically-farmed animals are better off than those that are given medical care in a controlled environment. I suspect that the latter have less disease.


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