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[APD] Walstad's book and more

I have had the book for at least 5 years.  I guess I should take it off the shelf and read it!  I have had more success at growing aquatics than anyone I know in person, but that is still dismal compared to many members here.  I will freely admit that I am lazy and tend to put more energy in my pond plants outside.  But I have had Madagascar Lace bloom for me and live for quite som etime.  Maybe I should buy another one for the tank I now have...

I am still wanting to put a 240 6' tank in my home office at some point.  It would have soil and of course, real plants.  Right now I am using a mixture of peat moss, aquatic plant soil and sand, with a cover layer of sand over that and a Magnum cart. filter on my 55.

I don't think ANY organization has the authority of law to prosecute you or anyone else for what they do with their pets.  Now, they could sue you , I guess.  Kinda like the BS so-called 'business software alliance' I used to hear ads for on radio in the Denver area.  Who would let them come in and look at what software you have on your computers?  Not me!  And PETA has no credibility at all with any rational person.

Nick A

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