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[APD] Organic Eggs, etc.

Okay, you caught me making fun of all the knee-jerk pseudo-hippie yuppie wannabes who latch onto every fad which comes along. Like those who agonize that a few fluorescent bulbs will poison the aquifer, or think all asbestos will kill you immediately, not knowing they drink water from asbestos-cement pipes every day. Or who think a little radiation will deform their children when they live near, inside or have huge slabs of granite in their home.

Yes, natural eggs taste better and are better for you. Grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed also, but a little time in a feed lot does add some very nice marbling right before butchering. There is a land developer here in town who bought a pecan orchard. One year he got lazy and didn't bother to fertilize the trees. He still got pecans, but they were smaller and fewer in number. He sold them in smaller packages as 'organic' for eight times the price of 'regular' pecans!

I guess if people want to spend substantially more money on products that have no proven significant additional nutritional value, that's up to them if they can afford it, as long as they don't try to take away my freedom to make rational ecnomic decisions.

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