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Re: [APD] The non-aquatic plant issue (Nick Andrews)

This discussion reminds me of the parrot trade. The worst example of this is
probably Cockatoos.  These birds and their antics are great attractions in a
pet store. I have little doubt that their maintenance cost is worth it to
the store in terms of customer satisfaction. Then when they sell, it's a
chunk of change for the bird and all its necessaries. Alas, they're probably
better off staying in the store. These animals require a LOT of attention,
and many (most?) are purchased by folks who have little knowledge of a
bird's needs or psychology, thinking of a bird as a feathered person (whom
they aren't bothered by leaving in a cage most of the day, strange
dichotomy). In addition, they have a lifespan something around 50-60 years.
My analogy (as a father of three and probably grandfather inside the next
decade) is that of an armed, flying (unless you've crippled it)
eternally-four-year-old alien. Too many of these birds end up in bird
rescues in a sorry state. One I've helped to care for who has taken a liking
to me is almost featherless now (feather plucking is a comfort to an ignored
bird), not to mention dangerous to those he/she hasn't taken a liking to (or
sometimes even to the rest -- I have the scars to prove it). I don't think
it should be legal to sell these birds at all. It's highly likely that such
a bird will outlive a capable and knowledgeable owner.

A troubling thing about all of this is that the only organization with any
clout of which I'm aware that purports to defend the rights of these
animals, aquatic or avian, is PETA, and they are the flip side of the coin,
answering ignorant nonchalance with ignorant advocacy.

P.S. My green cheeked conure (who I intend to outlive) pestered me
throughout this message. Anyone know how I can make my laptop look less
attractive to him?
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