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Re: [APD] lying and ignorance in store employees

I've been an APD subscriber for a very long time. In what I personally
consider its heyday, I had the pleasure of experiencing discussions on a
range of topics in nigh excruciating detail that one wouldn't expect to see
outside of technical or academic journals, a range covering planted aquaria
from top to bottom: lighting spectra and bulb lifespans (back in the T10
days even), macro/micronutrient water column additive formulations (PMDD
anyone?), active/inert/heated substrate pros and cons. This is only a
smattering. I'm not jumping to any conclusions, but I hope that "Organic
means it was fertilized at night" isn't representative of the APD
readership. You aren't just what you eat. You're whatever it eats, and so
on. Micronutrients are as important in our food supply as they are for our
Cryptocorynes. There are many persuasive, valid arguments in support of
organic food, but this one alone is enough to make the case. What is what
you're eating eating? Is it grown in dead earth saturated in NPK and little
else to attain rapid growth?

Of course, if this is some sort of reference to whether food is *certified*
organic, that's another discussion altogether.


On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 12:23 PM, Nick Andrews
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> Organic means it was fertilized at night.
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