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[APD] the non-aquatic plant issue

This drives me nuts too. It's so dishonest. Most of the time when people tell me all their plants are dying and can't grow plants it's because they are non-aquatic plants. We just need to keep everyone complaining and calling them out. If they got enough bad publicity out of it they would change their ways pretty darn fast I bet. It's too bad we can't get one of the major national news outlets to pick up an article. I wonder if someone wrote something descent and sent it in to the AP if we could get some coverage.


From: "Bill"
REDRAGON40 posted, in part:

> . . . I am dismayed by the number of non-aquatic plants that are  being
> sold to unsuspecting newbies as aquarium plants. And I don't mean just > bog
> plants, like Mondo grass,  I mean stuff like Sanderiana, which is  sold
> because it is so tough it doesn't rot right away .  . .

I am too. From time to time I mention this to the clerks in the fish departments, but they have no control over what is sent to them.

But I am also dismayed that people go into those stores and buy stuff that they don't know anything about. Do a little research? Too much work?
It is worse when there are animals involved, like the soon-to-die tinfoil barbs in a 10 gallon tank.

If people who buy inappropriate merchandise from those stores were smart and didn't buy it, it would soon disappear from the market.


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