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Re: [APD] NO3

I believe Linda Sholly wrote this email section below:

I was rereading the Aquarium Plants Manual by Scheurmann, and it says the
plants don't use nitrates, they use ammonium. Is this right?

Plants use nitrate and ammonium.

Though I do remember reading that some plant species prefer nitrate uptake over ammonium. No doubt some more learned person here on the list will correct me if I'm wrong. :-)

> How does
> this affect my using Seachem Flourish Excel,

This is a liquid 'carbon'. So doesn't affect your use at all. :-)

> and the micro and macro nutient products they offer.

Doesn't affect any of Seachems products negatively at all.

Well not unless you count that if you add Excel, then your plants will simply absorb more of these plant fertilisers, grow better so you'll probably need to buy more of their products. ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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