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Re: [APD] Nitrite toxicity and GH (Stuart Halliday)

Good grief, more apology is needed.  In all the technical jargon, I ignored
your friend's real-world issues.

Pufferpunk, a long-term acquaintance of mine, used a signature line that
sums it all up:"The solution to pollution is dilution."  If I used such a
line myself it would be more like: "When in doubt, change the water.  When
you know, change more water."

So I would suggest serial partial water changes until the nitrite is
undetectable, or maybe one partial past the undetectable level to give some
margin.  The scale of those changes would depend on the normal water change
rate.  If the tank is seldom or rarely changed, I would add chloride - the
quantity is not great, and the concentration insignificant for most tanks.
If the tank is frequently changed, use whatever level is usually done, but
back-to-back repetitions every hour or two until the tank is again safe.

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