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Re: [APD] Cycling - Walstad

Stuart Halliday wrote, in part:

*	What's "nitrate titers"?

Nitrate titers are the levels of nitrate ion (NO3-) n the tank water, as
read by hobby test kits. Most hobby kits report in ppm nitrate ion in the
water, some report as ppm nitrate-nitrogen.  It is the same test; variation
between the two in the numbers reported can be calculated.  For nitrate, the
conversion factor from nitrate-nitrogen (i.e., the weight of the nitrogen
atom alone) is times 4..4, which gives the weight of the whole nitrate ion,
both still in ppm.  Dividing by the same factor converts nitrogen ion
reports to nitrate-nitrogen only. The "ppm" is parts-per-million, and for
hobby purposes is approximately the same as milligrams per liter.  It is not
exactly the same, but more than close enough for the accuracy levels of our
test kits.

Yes, it is logically inconsistent that we still use avoirdupois gallons, but
run tank chemistries in liters.  Rationality or consistency is not required
in the real world, it seems. 
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