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Re: [APD] Cycling - Walstad

Stuart Halliday wrote, in part, responding to Richard Wickboldt:

> Why not ask her?

And while you are asking, ask how she has nitrate titers, especially at high
levels, if the plants are out-competing the bacteria?  And in fact there
must continue to be ammonia in sufficient quantity to support nitrification
bacteria oxidizing ammonia to nitrite and that nitrite to nitrate.  That
should make for an interesting discussion.  The fact that she has no
designated biofilter does not mean that the bacteria are excluded from her
tanks.  But they did manage to survive back in the days of corner box
filters, where the angel-hair and charcoal were thrown out routinely, if not
very frequently.  They obviously can survive on tank surfaces even if not
sheltered in protected but well-oxygenated filters.

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