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Re: [APD] Cycling - Walstad

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 - From: Jerry Smith <jerrytheplater at hotmail_com>

 - It has been a long time since I have read Ecology of the Planted
Aquarium, and my copy is not available to me right now for me to double
check, but I seem  - to remember her saying the plants will take up the
ammonia almost as soon as it is available and will take it up in preference
to nitrate. I don't remember  - any part dealing with filters in planted
tanks, but that doesn't mean she didn't cover them. If she did cover them,
it just shows I don't remember very  -  - well.

 - Do you have a copy available for use to double check what she has said?

 - Jerry Smith

   I have a copy of Ecology right in front of me.  Page 20 - 21  Dianna is a
little all over the map as to ammonia uptakes by plants.  She says depends
on the actual plants and their sensitivity.  Then she says "plants rapidly
detoxify ammonia" and can enter by diffusion across membranes and can even
be stored in cell vacuoles.  Next paragraph she says plants detoxify ammonia
by synthesizing with proteins.  Again on the same page in a Q&A box she says
there is no definitive evidence that ammonia itself is actively taken up by
plants.   So who really knows?

    Richard Wickboldt

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