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Re: [APD] Rhododendron branches

Good news on your experiment. Are you using green wood? I was thinking you were using dead wood. Even more interesting if it is green. I checked the plant forum at NJ Aquatic Gardeners Club today and so far there hasn't been a response to the request for more information. I'll send a PM later today. 
The forum at NJAGC is private for members only. Here is a link to the public page with information about joining the club. There are some members from central NJ and  eastern PA as well as NYC area. 
A magazine article about one of the members tanks, you need to download the PDF for the September 2008 article "Down the River" to read about Sergio's tank. His is on the cover of the magazine. : http://www.aquascapingworld.com/magazine/ 
Blog site for another member: http://jayluto.com/blog/  His web site: http://www.greenstouch.com/ 
Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ
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