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Re: [APD] 300 gallon+ planted tank


I set up a 135 gal tank about 7 months ago. I bought 29 black angels (25 cent size) which are all growing nicely - no casualties. I have a lot of swords - 5 types which have grown huge taking over the tank. I have several corkscrew vals, growing slowly and some giant sag which is multiplying and growing fast after a slow start.

I have compact florescents and I have them come on 2x per day to avoid algae and I keep decreasing the time they are on because the plants are growing so rapidly.

I find that I have to work on the plant trimming and pruning for an hour a week minimum - and I am close to elimination several plants - although it looks wonderful and the fish seem happy.

Oddly enough this is all doing so well in very hard, high alk water from our well in Nevada High desert.

Hope this helps

On Jan 29, 2009, at 5:50 AM, Aernie Burns wrote:

Thanks for the response Ray,

I'll talk to the electricians about metal halides. Our building is an old one, a renovated hotel from the 30s. And I know we occasionally run into
power issues in the summer.

I am thinking that I will probably look at the SA biotype setup. These are
my thoughts for fish: 6 Altum Angels, 6 Jurupari, 6 Discus, 30 Silver
Hatchet Fish, 50 Tetras (larger type so altums don't eat them), 6 Bolivian Rams, 30 Corydoras (larger type so they don't get eaten), 6 Whiptail Cats, 6

For plants I thought maybe swords. Tall ones in the back, and medium ones in clusters in front of those. I would want to leave a decent amount of open
sand for the geophagine cichlids.

I have never kept sword plants before, will they grow like crazy and take over the tank? That 36" height is great to keep the altums in, but I don't want to be in there weekly removing new runners. Would keeping the light
levels lower keep theit growth down to a dull roar?

What are some tetras people have kept with altums? Nothing that is going to nip their fins, and nothing that they will be able to eat. Bleeding heart
and diamond are both nice, any other suggestions?

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