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Re: [APD] planted 300 plus gallon (Aernie Burns)

First post after a very long residency as a lurker...
For the lobby display:
I have a 225 (72L X 24W X 30H) that currently houses a few 30" Osiris and
Broadleaf Amazon Swords, a variety of 24" crypts, and a few Anubis.  This
aquarium is lit by a pair of 150W metal halides and the effect for viewing
and plant growth is definitely quite pleasing for a lobby-type display -
glitter lines are mesmerizing to watch with the fish swimming in and out of
the shadows cast by the plants.  The fish occupants are a pair of brick-red
discus which remain hidden most of the time, so I wouldn't recommend them.
It also houses a wide variety of tetra - cardinals, brass, white-tip,
rummy-nose, and others.  Many of these are 3rd and 4th generation.  I highly
recommend a large school of tetra or two, something along the lines of a
fifty to a hundred cardinals for a breath-taking display of color and
movement throughout the plants.

If you would like to consider a marine set up, I also run a 180 reef and
could provide some information on it as well-just send me a note.

Cheers from ice-coated MD,
Raymond Ulrich 
Rgulrich at verizon dot net

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