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[APD] 10g tank suggestions?

Howdy folks,

I'm a long time AP subscriber who got out of the hobby for a couple years due to life changes. Things have settled back down finally and I want to get back in to it, although on a tight budget.

First up is a 10g tank I have. It will have roughly 26 watts over it, so 2.6w/g and I have had a lot of success in the past with this setup. I plan on this tank primarily hosting some fancy guppies and maybe a small school of cardinal tetras (maybe).

My substrate is fluorite, my well water is slightly alkaline (7.5-8pH), GH of 11 with roughly 1ppm of iron, so I think I'm set there.

My question for the list is, does anyone have any suggestions for some decent, easy to grow and maintain plants for this small setup? This tank will be sitting out on the kitchen countertop so I want to make it at least fairly attractive.

As I mentioned, I am also on a tight budget so I'm looking for plants that won't break the bank. Looking forward to the suggestions that come back from this posting!

Thanks again,


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