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[APD] planted 300 plus gallon


I may have a chance to set up a tank at the community where I live, in the
lobby. The tank will be flush mounted in the wall with a small room behind
it for maintenance. The guys doing the renovation want something 96" long
and 36" tall, they seem to think 24" is as wide as we can go, but I am going
to rally for 30".

There are lots of options I could see for this setup. A rocky rift lake
setup, or a South American setup with altums, discus, eartheaters, silver
dollars, etc. Or I might look into salt, although I have never done anything
with salt.

But planted is tempting also. I would probably stick to a low tech setup,
with slow growing plants to keep the maintenance to a minimum since my arms
probably won't be long enough to reach the bottom without getting my beard

How would something like two industrial, 4 foot, 4 bulb, T-8 fixtures
suspended above the tank since none of it will be visible? Will this be
enough light (256 watts)?

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