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Re: [APD] illegal use of feeder guppies

I wrote:
> > What does this total BS story have to do with Aquatic Plants?

Mr. Baker replied 
> At least the guppy topic has to with fish, but I'm not sure how your 
> post relates to aquariums at all. 

So tell me how the topic of cropping of dog's tails and ears relates to aquariums.  Please.

> If off-topic posts bother
> you, and you  believe it may bother others too, why would you be so
> presumptuous as to add annoyance for others by adding additional 
> off-topic messages to the list?

Maybe Because I have a really big ego and think that everyone in the world is interested in reading everything that enters my head?  

Oh no, wait..... that's not me that's you.

John Haydt
Lansdale, PA

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