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Re: [APD] Illegal use of feeder guppies

Jerry said, in part:

"I don't think anybody on this list is opposed to individual freedom, and I 
bet most of us believe one person's freedoms stop where they interfere with 
another's. The only real disagreement here is where that line is."


I don't think that docking the tail of my Doberman violates any person's 
rights (nor is it cruel to the dog) but if someone or the goverrnment tells 
me that I can't do that, they are violating my rights, by golly!

This is germane to aquarium keeping because each year more laws are proposed 
that would limit the ability of us to enjoy our hobby.

For example, long time aquarium favorite  Hygrophila polyperma is 
essentially illegal in all parts of the USA because in the warmer states it 
is a fast spreading nuisance plant.  That makes sense in those warm states, 
but here in the cold Northeast it makes no sense at all.  Yet I can't buy 

Another example is the annual drive of the veterinary associations that 
would require that all aquarium fish remedies require a perscription from a 
vet and perhaps be only obtainable from them.  How many fish do you think 
that would cause to die unnecessarily?

There are other examples of fish that have been banned for one reason or 
another.  Some such bannings make sense but some do not, and that infringes 
on our rights without a good reason.

Aquarium friends, we really must be watchful that governmental and private 
organizations do not gradually make our hobby untenable.  History is replete 
with cases where people believed that " . .  this one little restriction 
won't hurt much, and then maybe they'll leave us alone."

They never have.


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