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Re: [APD] Illegal use of feeder guppies

> Huh?  The legality of using animals as test subjects is neither the same 
> nor similar to "regulating the kind of fish that can be housed in what 
> kind of aquarium".>

Sure it is.   If using feeder fish to test the safety of certain woods in an 
aquarium is "cruelty to animals" then there must be a law or regulation that 
defines what woods can be used in an aquarium, or what substrates or kinds 
of water or . . . .

Or perhaps if one buys a healthy fish and puts it into an aquarium and it 
dies, that is per se "cruelty to animals"?

Perhaps I'm exaggerating some, but that is how individual liberties are 
lost, a little step at a time.

I now have to trim my show guppies' tails. <g>


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