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Re: [APD] Illegal use of feeder guppies

I believe Bill wrote this email section below:
> Stuart said, in part:
> "Some of us may not like testing on animals in that manner. Also it's 
> probably an illegal act in most of Europe. I know it is in the UK."
> IMO, regulating the kind of fish that can be housed in what kind of 
> aquarium, if true, is another example of the decline of the EU.

What has housing fish in an aquarium got to do with my statement?

We don't have 'feeder fish' labelled as such in the UK.

No doubt some people will simply keep mum and just buy the fish and feed 
them to their Arowana or Piranha.

But you also are not suppose to be cruel to animals, it's against the law in 
Scotland (can't say if it's illegal in England. As that is a different 

So knowingly putting an animal in a situation where it will come to harm is 

Sounds reasonable to me no doubt due to my cultural up bringing.

Your view may of course be different if your culture told you different.


Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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